Various Ways People Do to Calm The Others

It’s good how nowadays mental health is getting more and more recognition and become a main concern for majority of us. What’s so important about concerning this issue? I think because me, and some of people used to be told by our parents that you should be able to solve our own problem. If you can’t solve the problem, you should able to find the positive “coping mechanism” to reduce the stress. The only “coping mechanism” they want is pray more. Yes it’s the good choice. But by the time goes on, it’s really important to not lift that burden alone. In some cases, you can either go to professional helper such as psychologist, or share your thoughts and feeling to the other. It could be your closest one or maybe the stranger one. Therefore, people have a various way to treat their closest one when they’re suffocated in bad situations.

So today is 30th July and that means it’s a friendship day. I wanna write about some of my closest persons in my life so far, and what they do to soothe me. So I was in some unexpected trouble couple weeks ago. My first one call away is definitely my dad & mom. Both are using the same mobile phone. I was trying to reach them but no answer. It’s been a hard day, and I don’t know what to do instead of talking to my closest ones.

The first one is Raja, my boarded-house mate, also my workmate. He was there when everything happened. Moreover, he already know what happened, and what he did is calm me and told me to just fly back to Bandung to calm me down. Because nothing I can do there. And he told me to take care of my lungs condition as soon as possible. What he did is like what I do usually to others but I’m very thankful because it means to me. 

The second one is Dea, the workmate I trust that much right now. I decide to call her and told everything that happened because sooner in the morning I texted and called her before the things started to fall apart. Her reaction is only, “Bam, I will be angry if you are sad. Don’t be sad! I left you a pack of Makaroni Ngehe when you come back here!”. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad hearing that but at the end I was cracked up because I know it was just Dea did her things. And the next day she said on the phone, “ At that time your voice was crumbling, I didn’t know what to say.”

The next day, I texted Puan. She is the real definition of the man at the right place( in this case, the woman). She’s currently the person in charge to know whatever happens with workers in my office. She surprised at the beginning, then I told her that I will take a free days to calm myself by flying to Bandung the next day. Puan noded and hoping everything will be okay.

The last ones were both my parents. I don’t want them to do anything for me though. Maybe I just need them to pretend to be there, and that’s enough. Being in Bandung for only four days were more than enough to get rid of this temporary sadness. The only things I knew is what should I do to redeem their kindness all this time, because I don’t like talking to each other if my parents and I don’t meet each other directly.

My point is, we are not an existentialist human being, otherwise we are living by consequences. People are nice to us if we do the same, reciprocally. Not all people though, only the closest one. Therefore that rule ain't prevailed sometimes. On the other hand, it's important to get a wider connection as we grow older, but at the same time keeping our circle small and close is also an urge. By the end of the day, friends can’t be always there for us. They only listen to us, and try the best they can. After they were gone, we have to swallow our sadness, alone. Try to value our closest circle at the most possible and keep their close. Indeed, life sucks, but I can assure everyone feel the same at some point in their life. Just enjoy while it lasts. 

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