These Good Old Days :)

Time flies like an arrow.  We have passed our first year at university. Well, just remembering through this one year, as the time goes on, we forget all the things happen, good or bad, at our loveliest time at senior high school, little by little. No matter those who failed to enter university, almost of them finally could enter and reach their postponed dreams this year. And the one who successed? Ya, they were busy with their own business at their university indeed. Just sayin’. Nothing’s wrong with all these stuff. Everything gone wrong all just because we suddenly miss our ‘missing friend’ at high school. Well, among us must be having a time while some of our friends gone with a wind after the entery test announcement. When they failed,  they gone straight off to the underneath of the earth. While mostly the others succeeded with their own choice, they felt that they are the one and only, to be terribly fucked up in that day. I mention it as the longest day in my life so far. Why? Because I consider myself as one of those who failed in that test. Not failed literally, but nearly.  When my friends congratulated me, me watched it as a stupid idea moron. It changed nothing but everything.  At the time i feel such a loser.


It occured again.

Not me, btw.

But one of my very first friend in my brand new university which put an integrity  and a loyalty above all. I’m very honored to be accepted here, despite of my previous failure. Him too. But he didn’t really enjoy his brief time here, i noticed very long before his final judgement. But in the other hand, he is very active, i might say he is one of the best activist in university. It was kinda weird of course, but in this ‘one mile of hell’ there’s no ‘safe area’ for an activist. As an example, three chairman of three years in a row from one of the unit here had been dropped out from this one mile of hell. So, why  i still feel as a loser hearing my friend was dropped out because, I can’t prevent him from that, simple as that, as one of his best and dearest friend, I was failed.

The point is, I think every friendship has their final exam, to measure how far our friendship can last, and the time is in these cases I have told you above. And a separation is a mostly final results that occurs in all kinds of friendship that we prevent from. I mean, we will face so many ‘exam’ like this in a whole life. So, I’d like to tell that having many friends is also necessary, rather than having only one best friend. Because best friend isn’t longlast, but a lot of friends are. Despite they leave you when you fail, you could look for other friends in the other world, no matter the old friends will come to you with a humblebrag. So, don't give a single shit about that, and the only thing we can do is remembering these good old days with them, yeah just remember it. That's all.

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