Cutting Edge #4: My Violaine Morning

‘Combined the feeling of depressed yet so hopeless, a local post rock song you won’t regret to hear’

Some years ago, I found this band from some random local shoegaze playlist at Soundcloud. They claimed themself as  alternative band based in Bandung, Indonesia who can deliver us an unexpected imagination and vision from another side of this world. ‘Lost’ is one of the most notable song they have ever produced.

What can I say is they truly can reflect what they already stated  in self description above. I love how they conveyed the expression of mixed feeling within 5 minutes of instrumental which is so beautiful. ‘Lost’ combined the feeling of depressed yet so hopeless, but covered with a glimmer of relief, happiness which always cross my head by the time I heard it in the long night drive. This song is not only perfect for a late night drive but also good when you are alone in your room with a broken heart, listening this will tear your eyes unintentionally. Yeah, Lost is so powerful for the level of instrumental song. Furthermore what I like from this band is they describe themself in their blog very itemizedly with their own language, so we can visualize this song with our wildiest fantasy while reading their description. This is truly an local post rock song you won’t regret to hear.

Here's the video of 'Lost' below

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